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Company Name: Coming Soon

The company Coming Soon provides services in United States of America


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Company Name: Magellan Shipping, Inc


The company Magellan Shipping, Inc provides services in United States of America



Export Services:
- Letter of Credit experts, we can guide you as to whether L/C terms are fulfillable and in accordance with your understanding of the transaction.
- We prepare L/C documents accurately to ensure prompts payment and save on bank expenses due to unnecessary discrepancies.
- We can readily arrange for consular legalization of documents for countries that require it.
- We file all export declarations electronically, as required by U.S. Customs and Bureau of the Census.

- Ocean Freight
- Air Freight
- Extensive Network of Agents Worldwide

Specialized Freight:
In addition to ocean, air and overland services, we are experts handling:
- Full Containers / LCL
- Project Shipments
- Refrigerated Cargo
- Oversize / Overweight Cargo
- Hazardous Materials

Documentation Experts:
We routinely complete the following transactions on behalf of our clients:
- Marine Insurance and Surety Bonds
- Letters of Credit
- Customs Tariffs and Regulations
- Consular legalization of documents
- Filing of export documents
- Marine insurance and surety bonds

Import Services:
- Expert Guidance on Customs regulations, tariff classification, and duty rates
- All Customs entries filed electronically through ABI, enabling release of goods as early as their date of arrival
- Formal/Informal entries
- Transportation entries
- Warehouse entries
- FTZ (Foreign Trade Zone) entries
- TIB (Temporary Importation under Bond) / Carnet
- Other Government Agencies: APHIS, ATF, DOT, EPA, FWS, FCC, FDA, PPQ, USDA
- Expert Guidance on Customs regulations, tariff classification, and duty rates


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