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The company Coming Soon provides services in Ajman UAE



City: Coming Soon

Country/Territory: Ajman UAE

Company Address: Coming Soon

Postal Code: Coming Soon

Telephone: Coming Soon

Fax Number: Coming Soon

Email: Coming Soon

Website: Coming Soon


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Very soon this logo and text will be replaced with information of cargo agents providing transport services in this country - freight forwarders, custom brokers, logistics, air freight, road freight, sea freight, storage and warehousing companies, all of them forming a very strong global group. If your freight company received an invitation to join our network, don't miss out the only opportunity take advantage from this membership.

Our network is formed by three private cargo groups, FFF Group (, Cargo Group Network (CargoGroup.Network) and Freight Forwarders Group (FreightForwarders.Group). All the companies in these groups will be linked, forming an unmatched global network.

Beyond the subscription deadline, no more companies will be accepted. Also, make sure to take advantage of the particularly special application conditions for the invited companies.


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Company Name: Jenae Logistics

City: Abu Dhabi

Country/Territory: Ajman UAE

Company Address: Jenae Logistics, Head Office: Post Box: 41475, Frij Al Murar, Deira Dubai - United Arab Emirates.

Postal Code:

Telephone: +971-4-2386001

Fax Number: +971-4-2386002




Company services information


- Air freight
- Sea freight
- Sea/Air freight
- Transportation overland
- Warehousing and distribution
- Services door to door
- Procurement & outsourcing


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