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Company Name: Caribbean Freight Handlers

Country: Jamaica


- Air Transport

Consolidation service

- Regular consolidation services
- Price competitive
- Pre-alert of shipment flight details
- Cargo automation
- Speedy recovery of freight at destination
- Priority cargo check-in

Breakbulk service

- Cargo automation through our Webmation Program
- Notification of document and freight availability
- Fast retrieval of documents and freight from Cargo Terminal Operators
- Fast check-in of cargo
- Arrival report to Customs
- Discrepancy report to customer (if required)
- Fast cargo collection process
- Friendly service at competitive pricing
- Direct Shipments
- Airport to Airport and door to door deliveries
- Own consolidation services

Customs clearance

- Import and compliance consulting
- Professional Entry processing
- Classification and valuation assistance
- Total compliance management
- Part- and Full charter with transportation monitoring
- Project Cargo
- Just-in-Time deliveries
- Licensed Customs brokers in Kingston and Montego Bay
- Customs information services
- Advance automation tools
- Full product database
- Inland freight at origin
- Customs clearance at port of loading
- Payment of local charges at port of loading
- Delivery of cargo at NVOCC/ steamship warehouse
- Loading of container
- Discharging of container
- Payment of local charges at port of discharge in Jamaica
- Customs clearance
- Delivery to consignee
- Dangerous Goods (transportations)

- FCL service
- LCL service

Ocean Transport

- Cargo Consolidation
- Freight forwarding


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